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Animation is the best way to educate our customers about the product and service we sell. At GNF Technologies, we provide the top level of animation to our clients. We bring you an expert team for animation that transforms the lifeless images into a live and engaging one. Our large pool of skilled and expert animators perform a complete process of animation step by step to deliver the best quality of the video. The process includes a video explainer, writing the script, working on the storyboard, illustrations, and voice-over, working on animation, and finally rendering/publishing.

Video Explainer

Video explainer is a way in which an animated video explains a business idea concisely using the shortest amount of time. Our animators express the summary in very easiest way.

Writing the script

First, we gather all the information from our client to start the video explainer. After getting the complete information, we send a questionnaire to our client, and after receiving the results, our scriptwriting expert starts the process of scriptwriting.


Working on story board

The storyboard is a way to explain the script in visual frames by using the slides. Once the script is approved by our client, our team starts working on the storyboard.

Illustrations and voice over

Our team, then convert the storyboard into the illustration and start further processing on voice over. We sent a number of voices to our clients and use the voice selected by the client.


Working on animation

In the second last stage, we synchronize the animation and illustration with background music and sound effects. On every stage, we first take approval by our client then we start further processing on it.


Publishing is the final stage of animation, where we deliver the best quality of the video to our clients with different formats so that our clients can use and upload it according to their requirements.



The success of the project not only depends on an expert team but also on the client’s involvement. We keep good coordination and interaction with our clients to understand their every requirement.



After the understanding of the client’s requirements, our team with software architects designs the architecture of the application to see how it will look in the future, and function in real life.



With the help of design, the team develops the prototype, and this process is based on the information collected from the design. It is the rough sketch which is used to test the proposed software.



After the prototyping, developers test code quality, performance, and security. The testing is the most important phase, without testing the delivery of quality software is impossible.



In the final phase, after testing, a new and innovative idea launch in the market to grab the attention of every people. Our team ensures that the new idea would be impressive and optimistic.

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